George & Holdt-Soil Consultants is a team of Soil Scientists, Certified Soil Testers, Licensed POWTS (septic) Inspectors, Wetland Delineators and Registered POWTS Designers. 

We offer more than 37 years of combined experience in the Soil and Septic Industry. George and Holdt work with septic installers, homeowners, bankers, real estate professionals, commercial contractors, homebuilders and surveyors. We are innovative in our Soil Testing and POWTS designs. We are dedicated to achieving our clients vision in a cost effective and timely manner.

George and Holdt specialize in difficult sites both in individual building lots to entire subdivisions. We have designed many cost effective alternatives on sites that others have declared “impossible”. George and Holdt works closely with the local regulatory agencies as well as the Department of Commerce and the Wisconsin Departement of Natural Resources.

Our years of experience and professionalism gives us the trust required to effectively work with the various agencies with our clients best interest in mind.